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Have You Lost Transparency by Outsourcing?

FREE WHITE PAPER  What Are The Pitfalls of Outsourcing Your Facilities Management?

What_Are_the_Pitfalls_of_Outsourcing_Your_Facilities_Management_White_Paper_CTA.pngAre you relying on an outsourcing provider for repair & maintenance services?

You need to be careful; doing so may not prove as cost-effective or efficient as you think. From working with hundreds of companies, we've learned the pitfalls you need to avoid.

In this white paper, we explore what outsourcing exactly is, the related broker approach and where and when it may or may not be appropriate.

  • False Promises of Outsourcing
  • 10 Biggest Problems with Outsourcing Facilities Management
  • Business Constraints Created by Outsourcing
  • Lack of Transparency into Outsourcer Spending
  • Data & Reporting Limitations from Outsourcing
  • Benefits of Managing Your Own Facilities


"All I get is a bill for ‘services’ once a month. I have no idea where and on what we’re spending our money or how to improve things."

VP Operations, National Retail Chain