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What You Should Be Doing Now!

FREE EBOOK  What Every Facilities Manager Should Do Now

Facilities managers face specific challenges at different times of the year.

What Every Facilities Manager Should Do Now - Free EbookIn this ebook, you'll see a number of scenarios you likely face from season to season - and the specific actions you can take now to improve your company - and your own - performance

Facilities Manager Action Items

  • Automate Seasonal Facilities Tasks using automated planned / scheduled maintenance and real-time monitoring
  • Streamline Landscaping and Snow Removal with contractor-initiated work orders
  • Minimize Facilities' Risk Profiles by conducting seasonal mobile-based site audits
  • Conduct Regular Performance Measurements with Service Providers through data-based scorecarding
  • Perform Smarter Equipment Budgeting with energy efficiency and repair/replace analysis


“ServiceChannel is informing us to make better strategic decisions about our facilities management and properly maintain our retail store environments.”

Maintenance Manager at Waterstones