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How Mobile Site Audit Tools Ensure Brand Consistency and Compliance

FEATURED IN  PRSM's 2017 Best Practices

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CTA_WhitePaper_CoverOnStack_mobile-site-auditHow customers perceive a brand is based on the conditions of all your locations. That's why it's critical to have accurate insight and visibility across your enterprise via a modern site audit/inspection program.

In this whitepaper, we discuss how to ensure successful site audit capability across your locations and how to put it in place via mobile FM technology.

  • Five essential elements to ensure successful site audits
  • Mobile FM technology to power comprehensive location reviews and inspections
  • Challenges is putting a multi-site program in place
  • Systematic approach to deliver customer-centric results and ensure brand value

“It's imperative that we deliver a top quality customer experience all the time, every day.  And we can't do that unless we have a program in place that let's us monitor our locations' conditions systematically.  Mobile site audit apps make this easy to do.”

        Vice President, Store Operations
        National Retail Chain