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Do You Know the Risks of FM Outsourcing?

FREE EBOOK: 5 Perils of Outsourcing Your Facilities Management
(and What To Do About It)

Learn what's at risk from outsourcing and how high performing FM teams more effectively and cost-efficiently run their programs with technology.

Outsourcing your facilities management actually can be one of the costliest and riskiest decisions you can make - for both your company and your career.  So why would anyone still outsource?  Good question!

5 Perils of Outsourcing Your Facilities ManagementDownload this free Ebook where we explore the unfulfilled promises of this approach, detail the perils of following this path and what alternatives you should consider. This Ebook shares numerous ways you're at risk from outsourcing:

  • Unrealized, promised savings
  • Limited tracking of work order status
  • No benchmarking vs best practices
  • Inability to credential vendors properly
  • Inconsistent services not meeting brand standards


“All I get is a bill for ‘services’ once a month. I have no idea where and on what we’re spending our money and most importantly, how to improve things.”

VP Operations
National Retail Chain